Konstantin Chaykin Rolex Submariner Replica Functions and Looks Inspire by Judaism

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Konstantin Chaykin is the Russian watchmaker who created the unique timepiece. It was inspired by Jewish tradition. It is evident in the basic function of the watch, which has its hands moving in the opposite clockwise direction. It is also evident in the selection of the moon phase as an additional feature. This is because it is important in the religion. The many design motifs Chaykin used hint at the origin of this timekeeper. The watch's name is clearly a reference to Judaism. The watch's name, Luah Shana,Rolex Submariner Replica is Hebrew and refers to the collection. The Konstantin Chaykin's novelty, which is housed in a white-gold housing, was launched in a limited edition number of 100 copies. Its cost is approximately $38,500

Konstantin Chaykin Rolex Submariner Replica Watch

Luah Shana's Counter-clockwise DirectionJudaism was the sole inspiration. The watch's timekeeping mechanism is the key to all of this. Letters are written in Hebrew from left to right. This principle is applied to watches, where the hands move in an opposite direction to the normal one. Konstantin Chaykin trademarked this complication. It's called the reverse system for the minute pointer wheel and is used in the Decalogue collection. (The Russian watchmaker has revealed that it was entirely inspired by the incredible precision of the Jewish calendar).

Chaykin did not invent the opposite direction that the central hands move. This type of time representation is deeply rooted into the past. This tower clock, which dates back to 16th century, stands atop Old Town Hall. It is also located next to Old New Synagogue in Josefov Quarter in Prague.

The story doesn't end with the direction of the hands. Even the numbers on Luah Shana's piece are based upon the ancient Hebrew system. They are actually letters from the Hebrew alphabet that have been assigned numerical values according to Gematria's numerology system.

Konstantin Chaykin Rolex Submariner Replica Watch Dial Detail

The calculation of Jewish holidays can be made easier by a lunar days indicator. This dial is slightly off-center and is moved slightly upwards. This component is closely tied to Jewish tradition in its appearance and functioning. Its primary function is to keep track of lunar days,Replica Watches and then lunar months. This is crucial because it allows the wearer of the watch to calculate the time of Jewish holidays. Because Judaism uses lunar (Luah Shana), the calendar can do this. It is fascinating to note that the exact lunar calendar is used for both religious and official purposes by Israel. The appearance of the complication is intended to look like the stone tablets that Moses was presented the Decalogue and the Ten Commandments.